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Things you must know about Rottweiler’s Behavior & Traits

know about Rottweilers Behavior Traits

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A Rottweiler is most undoubtedly protective of course, of both family and property. Many people confuse a dog is protective, with a dog being competitive. Aggression is NOT a Rottie characteristic – in reality, hostility is not any breed of dog trait. There are various reasons for this behaviour, and it isn’t difficult to correct, however it does take training. The defensive instinct Rottweiler trait is why coaching and interacting the dog is definitely required. A Rottweiler can be not a dog that you could stick out in the backyard, and simply expect them to do everything right. If you train and socialize correctly, your dog may learn very quickly how to read the body language and emotions.

One final note on this – Certainly, the size, look, as well as the unfortunate trustworthiness of a Rottweiler is an extreme hindrance. If you treat him with regard and love, and train him to act correctly, anyone with bad intentions will not come near you with a 10 foot post. Loyalty is among the more distinguishing Rottweiler traits, which is the reason all through their history, they’ve served as guard dog, and therefore are well known as the Butcher’s dog. After taking their cattle to market would tie the cash bag around the dog’s neck. The butcher’s could rely on their Rottweiler to defend both them and the money, on the trek home.

Due to their intelligent, willing to work, and keen to please characteristics, Rottweiler’s are extremely easy to train. Being easy to train is among the most desirable of the Rottweiler traits, plus they react awesome to positive reward training – the reward may be both praise or food. You could have a cute little fur ball puppy right now, but merely keep in mind that she’s going to consider somewhere in the neighbourhood of 100 pounds, and possibly be smarter than many people;). The one thing to be aware of, can be that you might be training her even whenever you do not think you’re – or worse, she may really be training you:). A best example of training without realizing it is a girl Savannah.

Morale of the story? Almost anything you do is teaching your dog in some way or another, so make certain it is what you want her or him to learn 😉 Rottweiler Traits – High Prey Drive.