How to Effectively Potty Train Your Dog

How to Effectively Potty Train Your Dog

One of the first lessons that a dog has to learn when it is introduced to a human household is that not every spot is fit for waste elimination. Since dogs naturally belong in a very different habitat, it might require some dog toilet training and perseverance before you train your dog to pee or poop in an appropriate spot outside the house. Here are a few dog training tricks to get you on the job; for more advice, reach out for dog training tips in Brisbane.

The very first thing you need do is confine you baby in a crate usually inside so you can hear when they wake and let them outside to find the defecation place which you will guide them to- this is part of the information I give in my book although maybe not explicit as this blog:

1. Identify a suitable spot for your dog to eliminate

This can be a place in your back yard, under a tree outside the house, or anywhere not too crowded or open where your dog can routinely go to the bathroom. It is important that the area is open and secluded, because dogs (unlike cats) do not bury their droppings.

2. Know when your dog is more likely to go

Dogs typically need to eliminate after meals, after naps, and after vigorous exercise. Hence, make sure that your dog follows a general routine throughout the day, so that you can build your life around the times when you have to take your dog out.

3. Routinely take it to the selected area

Once you figure out when your dog is more likely to go to the bathroom, start taking it out to the selected area routinely. Once there, leave it alone until it relieves itself. Once it does, reward it with a treat for having done the right thing. One of the key dog training tricks in Brisbane is to never punish your dog.

4. Be patient and reinforce positively

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Realise that things will go wrong every once in a while. If you see your dog about to relieve itself inside the house, immediately take it to the secluded area. If, on the other hand, you arrive too late and the damage is done, it is best to clear the scent off with a deodorizer so that the dog doesn’t associate the house with his elimination spot.

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