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I began my dog relationship at 17 years of age (1972) with a crossbred kelpie, I took him to obedience classes and trained him to a point that he was good enough to enter obedience trials except he was not allowed because he was not purebred. So I turned to instructing other people how to train their dogs under the guidance of some very good people. I then got a Purebred Border Collie from friends and mentors of me at Fyneglen kennels. Lovely dogs although I probably did not do them justice in hindsight I learn’t a lot from, and with Opal and her daughter Fyneglen See Dee. I trialled both dogs successfully but to be honest I was better trainer than handler.

I was Chief Instructor for a club of over 500 members and their dogs. I have trained dogs for others in one case getting a CD title on a dog I did not own, but training is my passion not entering and competing.

In 1994 I got my first Rottweiler and the love affair with this breed began, they altered my perception of training as did other circumstances at the time-their devotion, trainability and strength of character is supreme and demanded I look more to understanding dogs and their drives than I had done previously.

I had never bred dogs before 1997 when I had my first litter of purebred Rottweilers.

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They have taught me a huge amount about the canine mentality and reality is whether large or small, dogs desires, needs and behaviour is the same.

We need understand that and treat dogs with respect.

This book is titled Luv your dog train it. Use the following book as a basis for opening up the unending pleasure a canine can add to your life yes I do charge a small fee for it, maybe it will cover my costs, but if not and I have given you an insight into canine mentality I am happy

I sincerely hope my writings here will be of value to people who read it. My desire was not to be too boring or technical, or give information overload – but give basic parameters of general information for day to day appropriate interaction between human and canine, that satisfy the needs of both.

In short,training becomes A Way Of Life lived every day, as natural as eating and sleeping. It takes little time mostly just a mindset adjustment.

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